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Vision Statement: To be the premier interfaith prison reentry support and justice advocacy organization in Pennsylvania, transforming the lives and communities of all those impacted by crime and mass incarceration.

Mission Statement: Healing Communities PA is an interfaith, BIPOC, abolitionist, open and affirming organization, led by directly impacted people of faith to educate, organize, elevate and empower people of faith, in Pennsylvania, directly impacted by the criminal justice system and their allies to be change makers for justice transformation.

Healing Communities PA is a framework for a distinct form of ministry for people returning from or at-risk of incarceration, their families and the larger community. Healing Communities challenges congregations to become Stations of Hope for community members affected by the criminal justice system. Contact us to learn more and get involved.

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Meaningful Work With Engaged Communities

Healing Communities PA strives to build relationships of healing, redemption and reconciliation in communities
driven by bold actions and a strong foundation of support.

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Helping The Community

With access to the right resources, communities can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential.

HCPA provides support to faith communities by identifying resources and building networks for capacity building, service delivery and advocacy.


Reinforcing Our Commitment

HCPA trains communities of faith to
connect returning citizens to resources that will help set attainable goals, help them connect with their faith, foster positive relationships, extend open and affirming fellowship in collaboration with family and friends to rebuild relationships and advocate for policy change for justice transformation.

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Connecting Communities

Through cooperation and community empowerment HCPA believes we can facilitate progress in the area of justice transformation.  

We provide support and technical assistance to faith communities by offering seminars in restorative justice, family reintegration and family support, opportunities for peer learning from other congregations and expert learning at local, regional and national conferences and customized programming for local congregations.


Rebuilding Relationships In The Community

The HCPA Faith Action Network works to organize the faith community and directly impacted people of faith to advocate for justice by providing movement building, faith community organizing, policy advocacy, media & social media campaigns, turnout, research and campaign education.

Working interfaith, HCPA uses the principles of restorative justice to empower faith communities to be positive change agents for marginalized directly impacted people. 

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